Embarrassing: West Ham accused of playing pre-recorded crowd noise at games to improve atmosphere at London Stadium

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Speaking after West Ham’s embarrassing 3-0 home defeat at the hands of Southampton, captain Mark Noble, proclaimed that it ‘couldn’t get any worse’

But it seems like the Hammers skipper was wrong, on so many levels.


Whilst the latest defeat sees the East London side, languishing near the bottom of the Premier League, it’s their off field antics which are just as embarrassing as what supporters are having to witness on the pitch.

Before kick-off Sunday, rumours had been running rife, that the Hammers were forced to play crowd noise ahead of matches to improve the atmosphere at the London Stadium.

Whilst we are unsure as to whether they forced noise was in effect during the match itself, there were many fans in attendance who confirmed that noise was indeed played on the PA system inside the stadium.

Twitter users were quick to jump on this revelation, which is pretty embarrassing if you are in anyway connected with West Ham in anyway.

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