David Moyes 'deeply regrets' slap remark [Video]

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Sunderland manager David Moyes says he “deeply regrets” telling BBC reporter Vicki Sparks she might “get a slap”, after he was asked by Sparks if the presence of owner Ellis Short put extra pressure on him following his side’s 0-0 draw with Burnley on 18 March.

No, this is not a piss take. It actually happened.

On Monday he dismissed his comments as “heat of the moment” but then it somewhat cuts across being put forward that it was “a joke”.

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Moyes’ comments deserve both condemnation and punishment. If this happened in any other workplace, the Scot would get the sack – and there can be no questions about that.

The former Everton and Manchester United manager used his character in his defence – something all too familiar in football with phrases such as ‘he’s not that type of player’ used after one snaps the leg of an opponent’ – but David Moyes said those words, with his mouth.

The consequences should be severe.

Of course, we live in a world where such misconduct is deemed banter. But that is rubbish. Moyes did not like the questions Sparks but in front of him and his reaction was to respond in an appalling manner.

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