Chelsea told how much they need to spend to land Premier League star

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Chelsea have sensationally set their sights on Sergio Aguero, and have been told exactly how much they’re going to need to shell out in order to land him.

Of course, as you might expect, for Manchester City to even contemplate selling to a direct title rival, the money involved was always going to be a big sum, and the Blues have apparently been quoted a figure in excess of £80 million.

Of course, both Chelsea and Man City have more money than they could probably ever spend, but should the Blues actually decide to go ahead with a move for the Argentine forward, City fans would probably see that amount as going some way to soften the blow.

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Softening the blow does not negate the impact selling a world class player like Aguero would have, and no matter how good Gabriel Jesus is currently looking, to see Aguero leave is undoubtedly not what City fans want at the minute.

The forward has spent a fair amount of time on the bench lately, and has been linked with a plethora of clubs, ranging from Chelsea, to Man United and Real Madrid.

Quite what will happen come the summer is anyone’s guess, with even Aguero himself claiming he doesn’t know, and that it would be up to the club to decide if they want to sell him, or if the three years he has left on his contract will be seen out at the Etihad Stadium.

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