Chelsea star lavishes praise on manager, explains why he's so good

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Chelsea star Cesar Azpilicueta has spoken out about how he rates Antonio Conte, and just why the manager is so good.

Despite their loss today, the Blues are on course to winning the Premier League title, and Conte has fixed the damage caused to the side last season, where they were woeful and at one point, people even worried the Blues may be in a relegation scrap.

He said: “From the first moment he has pushed himself to the limit, speaking English, giving everything. I knew a bit about him from playing against him, I had a sense of how his teams played, and I liked that. Here he has done everything to adapt to English football and to know the players.

“He never had demands made of him and there are people at the club who helped. You need that when you arrive – people that know the league, all the players, who have experience in certain types of games.

“He’s intelligent: he likes to observe and evaluate. The manager takes decisions but he asks other people’s opinions.”

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Of course, Azpilicueta is one of the most consistent players Chelsea have, and is certainly someone who they rely on.

Slotting into a back three almost seamlessly, the defender has proven he can play across the back four – or three – in any position, and do more than a decent job.

He might not be the name everyone talks about, but Azpilicueta is part of the heartbeat of the Chelsea side, and Conte knows it.

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