Chelsea boss Conte makes huge Mourinho touchline claim

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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte has claimed there’s no way he will calm down on the touchline in the future – or for the clash with Manchester United.


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United are of course managed by former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho, who called managers who act in a certain way on the sidelines during a game ‘clowns’ and while Jurgen Klopp was not phased by the comments, Conte was particularly upset, and a war of words started between himself and Mourinho.

Now, he has claimed he won’t be changing the way he manages, and opened up about the game against Watford where he showed little anger and passion on the touchline – and all his family thought there was something wrong – especially his father.

He said“They all claimed I looked like I wasn’t enjoying it,

“My wife and my daughter? They start to be worried when they don’t see me very active. Because that means I’m not happy. Yes.


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“If I stood still they wouldn’t recognise me. A lot of time I start the game with this idea, no, to try and enjoy the game.

“To stay sitting down, to enjoy the game in this way. But it’s not the same. Not the same for me or my players.

“Especially for my players, and for the fans, and my father.

“My father watched the game against Watford and phoned me up and said: ‘I didn’t see you with the right anger, with the right passion. You finished the game with a voice, and that’s not for you, this.’ He told me that.

“Maybe in the future, when I become older, for sure I have to try and stay more calm and live more relaxed the game. But I think, also, this is my strength. To stay on the touchline and push my players, to push myself. This is the reason because, sometimes, I’ve won something in my wife.”

“Where does the fire come from? You have to know that my first owner, when I started to play little league football in Lecce, it was my father.

“He was the owner, the coach, the kitman, the groundsman… I spent my life from the start on the pitch, following the team of my father.

“For this reason, I have to thank him for this passion, for the passion I have for this sport. I started very young, very young.”

“He was vocal on the sidelines. I remember from my first bench, my first game, when I… also when I started as an assistant coach, because in my first season I was an assistant coach, I remember in some games I shouted more than the coach.

“A lot of times, at the end of the games, I had to say sorry. But this is my way to live the game. In the future, honestly, I hope to be more relaxed and to enjoy the game, to stay seated and to watch the game.

“It is not just big games, you must have passion in every game. In every game. If you play against Barcelona, or a lower team, it doesn’t matter.

“Honestly, I don’t think that my passion was less against Watford. For sure, it was a strange night for everyone. For everyone. But I don’t think my passion was less.

“My passion must always be the same, if we play against an important team or against another team who are less important.

“It does not worry me what other managers do, I never pay attention to them. No. No. In that moment, I’m alone.

“I don’t see what happens on the other bench, or what the other manager does. In that moment, I’m alone and there is the pitch, my players, the game… I don’t see what happens because my focus is only on the pitch. It’s great this, for me.

“To control the emotion is very difficult. Sometimes, when you score early, then you don’t celebrate a lot because you know there are 70 or 80 minutes still to play. If it’s near the end you understand that the win is very close, or if you score in the 90th or 91st minute, then it’s very difficult to control your emotions. I live the game with my players.”

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