Cesc Fabregas has his say on Brexit: It's a very disappointing decision

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Chelsea and Spain midfielder Cesc Fabregas has had his say following the UK referendum on EU membership, stating that the decision (by a 52-48 margin) to leave will negatively impact many.

“It’s a very disappointing decision and I think very negative for many people.

“Personally, I see it as a mistake. I didn’t expect it. I went to bed optimistic and woke up to this news.

“I think it’s damaging for the Premier League. It’ll be harder to sign players, the salaries will change if the pound gets close to the euro.

“It’s a decision that will create many complications not just in football, but the daily lives and future of all people.”

Whilst it’s always refereshing to hear a footballer speak eloquently about any subject matter, especially outside the realm of the sport itself, as a Chelsea fan I would perhaps be a tad worried by the tone Cesc Fabregas strikes when discussing the LEAVE vote.

The decision to leave the EU will certainly lead to issues concerning the movement of players from the continent to the Premier League. One imagines rulings will be put in place that will prevent the need for a mass number of work permit procedures to be opened and that footballers could be placed in a new ‘bracket’ when it comes to occupational guidelines that are applied to the freedom of movement across Europe as a whole.

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