Carragher launches impassioned defence of Rooney

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Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher has leapt to the defence of Wayne Rooney following a row over the forward’s drunken antics during the recent international break.

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Despite being injured at the time, England captain Rooney was widely condemned in the media for an incident which culminated in photographs of his purportedly inebriated self being published in several of the national newspapers.

But in light of the criticism his former Three Lions teammate has faced, ex-Liverpool stalwart Carragher has lauched a stinging attack on the Football Association for not protecting the Manchester United man.

“The biggest problem is not Wayne Rooney or the players. For me looking at the situation after a week or so, the biggest problem is the FA,” he said.

“Where’s all this information coming from? Every day there’s another question asked.

“Was he allowed to stay up? The next day the answer is there. Who was he with? There’s information coming out of the FA.”

“Gareth Southgate was part of a squad in Euro 96 – different culture, different climate, I get that – where something went on before they got to the Euros. The way they dealt with it was as a collective responsibility.

“Now Wayne Rooney wasn’t the only player to go out. The rest of the squad were in a night club.

“I know that I’d rather my player in the hotel bar rather than a night club.

“It’s a collective responsibility. Why is it all on Wayne Rooney?”

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