Barcelona's Ivan Rakitic lashes out at Andreas Pereira [Video]

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Barcelona beat Granada 4-1 on Sunday night to keep their title hopes alive.

Real Madrid also beat Alaves the same day so Enrique’s men were under pressure to pick up three points, albeit against an inferior side.

The Clasico is coming up and we could be in for an intriguing end to what has been a very competitive LaLiga season.

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Without Lionel Messi through suspension, Barcelona got the job done thanks to Luis Suarez and Neymar, while Paco Alcacer chipped in with a rare goal after replacing an injured Rafinha.

A few tackles came flying in throughout the game but it was Ivan Rakitic and Andreas Pereira that had most beef between one another.

Thanks to up close TV cameras we’ve been able to pick up some of the conversation.

Rakitic was in disbelief when the referee booked him, and let Pereira know what he thought in no uncertain terms.

‘Son of a bitch! To the Second Division with you, you’re getting relegated!’

Bit harsh, no? Andreas Pereira has been arguably Granada’s most creative player this season and his future should be at Manchester United where he was sent from on loan to the LaLiga outfit.

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