Banter: Jamie Carragher brilliantly trolls Gary Neville on social media over Instagram picture resembling Gareth Keenan

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The Carragher/Neville banter is back! And we absolutely love it.


The Sky Sports duo, have bizarrely turned into the most lovable pundits on TV, for their insights and on screen chemistry, as the pair evaluate and preview the Premier League’s biggest matches.

The pair also like to share a joke or two at the others expense, via social media, and it appears as though, the Liverpool legend, Carragher, wasted no time poking fun of his colleague, for an Instagram post the former United defender put up on Friday night

The Manchester United legend was on commentary duty for Chelsea’s 2-1 defeat to Liverpool on Friday, while the former Liverpool defender was in the Sky Sports studio alongside Thierry Henry and Graeme Souness.

And following the match at Stamford Bridge, Neville posted an update to fans ahead of his journey home on a motorbike.

Immediately after posting the image, Carragher, took to Instagram to mock Neville for a passing resemblance to Office character Gareth Keenan.

Unsurprisingly football fans across social media absolutely loved the reference and had a few of their own comments to make at Gary Neville’s expense.

Take a look at some of the Tweets below.


A photo posted by Gary Neville (@gneville2) on

I think @gneville2 has just left chasers! #garethkeenan

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