Back The Pools - Hartlepool United Need £200,000 To Avoid Administration

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Ask yourself how important is your football club? Could you imagine a day or period of time that it no longer exists?


The stress and worry has hit fever pitch at Hartlepool United, who have been told that they need to raise a substantial £200,000 within the next 15 days, or will face immediate administration.

Uncertainty has surrounded Hartlepool for some time, and there were even talks of new owners being close to agreeing on terms earlier this week, but with any prospect falling through, the club has been left with an unwanted but inevitable reality.

An interesting fact about Hartlepool is that Soccer Saturday presenter Jeff Stelling is an avid fan who’s had to witness his beloved side drop out of League Two on the final day of last season. That, of course, is part and parcel of being a football fan. The highs and the lows, but we’re unsure it can get much lower than your club running into administration.

All rivalries should be put aside in order to save a football club, and it’s no different with Hartlepool. Reports suggest North Easterly club Middlesborough have already put their hat in the ring to join the fight.

We urge all football fans to get behind this movement and save The Pools. Let’s help this football club avoid going into further complications such as administration by taking action and donating money to Hartlepool United’s crucial cause. You can visit the JustGiving page HERE!

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