Arsene Wenger makes his position on those Barcelona links very clear

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Since the news broke that Luis Enrique would no longer be carrying on at Barcelona come the end of the season, speculation over just who would replace him has been rife.

After some slightly strange links between the Cules and Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, the long serving Frenchman has moved quickly to clarify them, and it’s not exactly what Arsenal fans want to hear.

They want Wenger out of the club, by any means necessary, and a move to Barcelona would have been perfect for his reputation, and them to move on without anymore bitterness. However, Wenger doesn’t want that – not by a long shot.

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He said: “No my preference [staying at Arsenal] is always the same, it will remain the same,’ Wenger told the media ahead of Arsenal’s clash with Liverpool.

“I am not looking for jobs of other clubs or jobs of other people. I am just focusing on getting to the next level and try to improve.

“Competent managers always try to get better, to reinvent themselves”

That of course leaves the question of just who will end up at the Camp Nou next season, but it seems that if Wenger has anything to do with it, he’ll be carrying on at Arsenal, probably with a new deal and the rumoured payrise to boot.

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