Arsene Wenger hits out at Liverpool over lack of Premier League success

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Social media has a lot to answer for when it comes to putting additional pressure on football managers, but Arsenal fans have a point considering how long it’s been since they’ve won a Premier League title.

But Wenger shares an unhappiness with Arsenal fans. Maybe he’s even unhappy with some of them.

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Despite Arsenal’s lack of success over the past 10 years, Wenger still believes it is the best club in the world.

So disillusioned he would make a fitting feature on Arsenal Fan TV.

Wenger said: “For me Arsenal is the best club in the world and what we have built is absolutely remarkable, not only on the results front but on the values that this club, what we have built. Of course a football club is about winning, it’s as well about values.

“Nobody talks about that anymore but sport is as well about values and I think integrity, respect, humility, togetherness are very important qualities and if you would visit our club you would see that they really exist on a daily basis. That is part of what I am proud as well.

“You can basically say that if you don’t win the championship it is not a successful season and I can understand that but you take clubs like Liverpool and they have not won the Premier League, they are a big club.”

Many reports suggest Wenger will sign a new deal at Arsenal but we still await confirmation.

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