Arsenal set to chase Marco Reus if key man leaves

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Arsenal are set to face the fact that they could well be about to lose Alexis Sanchez.

Now while that could well be the worst news for the Gunners, according to the Daily Mail, Arsene Wenger has an alternative for them.

Borussia Dortmund player Marco Reus is their top target, and while they ideally want to keep Alexis, should that fail to be possible, the club know where they aim to turn.

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Now while some people might point to the fact Arsenal could keep Alexis if they just pay him a little bit more, and landing Reus would not only cost money in terms of a transfer, but also for his wages, it seems Arsene Wenger is not thinking like that.

One thing that could sway Alexis’ decision to leave is the fact Arsenal are still lagging behind their rivals, both in England and Europe – a chance to move to another club and win the league may be worth more to him than money.

Reus has been linked with the Premier League on more than one occasion, but while it’s usually Liverpool mentioned, this time it’s Arsenal – and their fans would love that.

Imagine the scenes on Twitter for a start!

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