Arsenal fans set to be seriously unhappy with latest news about Wenger

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Arsenal fans are set for some serious rioting after it was revealed the board would be willing to pay Arsene Wenger as much as Manchester United pay Jose Mourinho, in order to keep the Frenchman at the club.

Wenger is of course under serious pressure at the moment, but that’s not exactly new to the long serving manager, with fans calling for his head on an almost yearly basis it seems.

Now however, the board want to tie him down to the club, and will use a mega new deal in order to do so.


Top Free Bets

While Wenger has never really claimed to enjoy spending money on players, and Arsenal are well known for their reluctance to pay players top wages, it seems their manager has no such qualms about taking a salary for himself.

While the board decide if they want to shell out the £300,000 it would cost to keep Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez, they’ve already made up their minds where Wenger is concerned and wil do everything in their power to keep him.

That, of course, is something the fans will almost certainly have a fair bit to say about. Roll on Arsenal FanTV.

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