10 Things That Are Sure to Happen at Cheltenham Festival 2017

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The Cheltenham Festival is not just the biggest jumps meeting in horse racing, it’s the one of the biggest and best sporting events of the year.

From a betting perspective, this is as good as it gets. We get the chance to go to war with the bookies over four days of world class action with the potential for big profit.

Although the racing may be unpredictable, there are some things which are much more certain. Here’s our look at 10 things that are sure to happen while at Cheltenham Festival 2017.

1 – You’ll Win Some and (Definitely) Lose Some

If you play it smart and do your homework there is the potential to win big during the four days of the Festival with some amazing Cheltenham free bets. The bookies will be hoping that the biggest favourites get beat so they can end up on top but it’s not going to go all their way.

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It’s also not going to go all your way.

Prepare yourself for a couple of losses, keep a level head and you can come out on top. Just don’t expect perfection, it’s all part of the thrill.

2 – A Jockey Will Give an Incomprehensible Post-Race Interview

ITV Racing get their big chance to shine by bringing their own take to the Cheltenham Festival. They’ll have new tweaks to their coverage but one thing they’ll keep is the post-race interviews with the winning jockey still on top of the horse.

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The mixture of exhaustion, thick accents and a short reporter who can’t get the mic close enough means that while these interviews are a fun idea, you often don’t have the foggiest what’s being said.

3 – Well Over a Quarter of a Million Pints of Guiness Will Be Drunk

Now, we’re not in the business of stereotyping anybody but it’s fair to say that Guiness is a fairly popular drink in Ireland. Given that thousands of Irish people visit the Cheltenham Festival every year and that St Patrick’s Day often falls during the festivities, it’s no surprise that a lot of Guiness is drunk at Cheltenham.

A hell of a lot.

Last year, 265,000 pints of Guiness were drunk at Cheltenham, that’s more than one pint per spectator who came through the door. The black stuff certainly goes down a treat during the Festival.

4 – The Cheltenham Hill Will Take Multiple Victims

As if it’s not tough enough for a horse to take on the strongest field of their season, any horse that wins at Cheltenham must overcome the punishing finish to both the Old and New Course, the famous hill.

Expect plenty of horses to be caught in those final stages.

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5 – The GDP of a Small Country Will be Bet (Almost)

The fight between bookies and punters is a constant source of intrigue during Cheltenham. Some punters will finish the week in the clover while others will simply be filling the bookies’ pockets.

No matter who ends up on top, around £150 million was bet on the Festival last year, a number which is only going to increase for 2017.

6 – Your Mates Will Suddenly Turn Into Experts

You know that WhatsApp group you’ve got with your best mates in it? You know how none of them know anything about horse racing? Well, that will all change during Cheltenham week.

Get ready for Cheltenham betting tips galore from people who usually think the Champion Bumper is something you find at a fairground.

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7 – The Locals Will Get Upset

The influx of people into the Cheltenham area is impressive but it’s not without its impact on local residents. The train station sees over 100,000 extra journeys, the roads get gridlocked and taxis are next to impossible to book.

The Cheltenham locals tend to be a friendly bunch but if you’re going, prepare to be tutted at.

8 – Michael Owen Is Going to be All Over Twitter

Michael Owen used to be known as one of the most boring footballers to play for England.

Then he became known for being one of the most boring pundits on TV.

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Now he’s known for being the most boring racehorse owners in the sport.

If boring tweets during the Festival are your thing, make sure to give Owen a follow on Twitter.

9 – Rishi Persad Will Get Let Out of the Cupboard

Rishi Persad made his reputation as a talented sports presenter who was knowledgeable about multiple sports and engaging on both television and radio. Then he joined Channel 4’s racing team and we only got to see him once a year.

Now working with ITV, Persad’s being let loose during Cheltenham and he is going to absolutely love it.

10 – Stars Will Be Born

Let’s end on a positive one shall we?

The 2017 Cheltenham Festival will include some of the biggest stars in horseracing. The likes of Douvan, Thistlecrack and Altior already have thousands of fans but a couple of previously unfancied horses will become legends this week.

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