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Mayweather vs. McGregor Betting Offers

Mayweather/McGregor Betting Offers

In addition to new customer offers, there will also be an array of Mayweather/McGregor enhanced odds on offer, which will have both fighters available at vastly inflated odds to win the fight (however do note that such bets will always come with restricted maximum bets). There are already a few Mayweather vs McGregor free bets on offer in the form of enhanced odds for new customers.

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Mayweather vs. McGregor Betting Updates

19/08/17 Update: Mayweather Worried About McGregor’s Dirty Tactics

Conor McGregor fans have been pouring over the footage of the Irishman’s sparring session with Paulie Malignaggi.

They believe that McGregor’s prowess over 12 rounds proves he’s got the boxing game to overpower a world class boxer. Floyd Mayweather has taken something very different from the footage.

“A lot of shots were illegal”, Mayweather told the press. “Lots of grappling and illegal punching behind the head.”

Of course, there was a highly experienced ref in the ring with McGregor so could Mayweather be trying to put pressure on the officials ahead of the big fight?

18/08/17 Update: A-Listers Add Star Power to Mayweather v McGregor

If you were in any doubt about the size of Mayweather v McGregor you just have to look at the list of celebrities who will be in attendance in Las Vegas.

According to TMZ, the August 26th bout will be attended by movie stars like Angelina Jolie, Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg.

The world of sport will be represented by LeBron James among others while Drake, Adam Levine and Diddy will add star power from the world of music.

This is the fight than anybody who’s anybody wants to watch.

17/08/17 Update: McGregor Gets Huge Glove Boost

Floyd Mayweather shocked many people by agreeing to fight with 8oz gloves a few weeks ago. However, others claimed that he only made that concession because he knew the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s rules didn’t allow the lighter gloves.

If that was his plan, Mayweather will be concerned with the commission’s decision to overturn their own rules that mandated 10oz gloves for 154lb bouts.

Conor McGregor, on the other hand, it delighted with the news. “Now the gloves are 8oz, I don’t believe he makes it out of the second round,” he said after hearing the news.

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16/08/17 Update: Will Other Fighters Follow in the Footsteps of Mayweather and McGregor?

We now know why Paulie Malignaggi made such a big fuss over the fallout from his sparring sessions with Conor McGregor.

The American boxer wants to fight McGregor professionally and it seems that others are thinking about setting up similar bouts.

After Tony Bellew raised the prospect of a boxing match with Michael Bisping, the UFC star responded by saying he’d ‘100%’ be up for a bout.

It seems Conor McGregor has once again set the trend for others to follow in.

15/08/17 Update: McGregor Gets Mercilessly Trolled for Warm Up

When Conor McGregor came out for a public warm up he was hoping to showcase the skills that would have Floyd Mayweather worried for his perfect record.

He did not think that he would end up as the butt of everybody’s jokes on social media.

We all know that McGregor has an unorthodox fighting style but the manner of his warm up raised eyebrows throughout the fighting world and promoted copycats all over the internet.

The one that’s gone most viral comes from Terence Crawford and friends which you can see below.

14/08/17 Update:  McGregor Claims ‘Floyd Is a Beaten Man’

While Floyd Mayweather has been cautious with the press of late, claiming that Conor McGregor should be the favourite for the August 26 super fight, there’s been no let-up in the Irishman’s confidence.

McGregor went as far as to say that he gives Mayweather two rounds at best.

“I see a beaten man in his eyes, in his body language,” McGregor told an assembled press pack after yet another strenuous workout.

He also talked up the toughness of his MMA background compared to boxing but suggested that his chances of winning are greatly improved if the authorities allow the fighters to box with 8oz gloves.

13/08/17 Update:  Mayweather Says He ‘Already Knows’ What McGregor Will Do

Floyd Mayweather is the overwhelming favourite for his fight against Conor McGregor but fans of the Irishman are hoping that his unpredictability will allow him to secure a massive upset.

However, Mayweather has squashed those hopes by claiming that he already knows just what McGregor will do when they meet on 26 August.

Mayweather said that McGregor will come out aggressively and keep switching from a southpaw stance to an orthodox one to try and create confusion.

Not only is Mayweather confident in that prediction, he claims any such tactics will simply sap energy from his opponent and give him an even greater edge.

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10/08/17 Update: Will the McGregor Suffer from a Lack of Support on August 26th?

Conor McGregor is never too far away from an Irish tricolour.

The so-called ‘fighting pride of Ireland’ is always followed by big groups of raucous Irish fans wherever he fights and he draws a great deal from their support.

So, he’ll be a little concerned to hear that the high ticket prices for his fight against Floyd Mayweather appear to be keeping Irish fans away.

There are still swathes of tickets on sale for the fight and Irish travel agents have reported a lack of bookings to travel to Las Vegas.

McGregor may have to fight Mayweather without his usual travelling Irish army.

9/08/17 Update:  Floyd Claims McGregor is the Favourite

Floyd Mayweather may be the overwhelming favourite for 26 August but it is the sort of fight that you just can’t miss in case Conor McGregor does something spectacular.

But it’s not just McGregor fans who believe he has a chance. Floyd himself has claimed that the Irishman is the favourite on paper.

Talking to ESPN, Mayweather admitted that he is not the fighter he once was and that gives the advantage to McGregor who is in the prime of his life.

Is Floyd getting worried or simply trying to hype up the fight?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. discusses the Betting Offers

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8/08/17 Update:  Jose Aldo Brands McGregor a Joke

Conor McGregor may be winning fans all over the world but he seems to be running out of friends in the world of fighting.

He’s already thoroughly annoyed Paulie Malignaggi and now his former opponent, Jose Aldo, has branded the Irishman a “joke” who is only fighting Floyd Mayweather “for the money”.

You can imagine McGregor’s reaction when somebody who he beat inside 13 seconds criticises his career. But it must dent his pride that he is not held in higher regard by his fellow UFC fighters having spilled blood, sweat and tears to make a success of himself in MMA.

7/08/17 Update: Malignaggi Lays In to McGregor

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor believe that their super fight will break all sorts of records but it has already surpassed one boxing record.

No fight in history has ever seen so much money wagered as the 26 August spectacular.

That tells us two things.

First, that people who claim the fight has been over hyped are wrong. Millions of people are clearly enthralled by the encounter.

Second, that people genuinely believe McGregor has a chance of the greatest sporting shock of all time.

While most of the money has come for Mayweather, it’s the UFC fighter who has been backed by most people.

6/08/17 Update: Malignaggi Lays In to McGregor

Paulie Malignaggi is clearly not going to be on Conor McGregor’s Christmas card list after falling out with the Irishman having been brought in as part of his training camp.

The poor relationship between the two men was made clear with a series of tweets from Malignaggi in which he claimed that McGregor whimpered “like a girl” when they sparred and suggested that the Irishman has no chance in a boxing match.

What happened in sparring is contested but what is clear is that McGregor has a huge task if he’s going to be competitive against Floyd Mayweather.

5/08/17 Update: McGregor Loses Key Sparring Partner

 Conor McGregor is never too far away from an Irish tricolour.

The so-called ‘fighting pride of Ireland’ is always followed by big groups of raucous Irish fans wherever he fights and he draws a great deal from their support.

So, he’ll be a little concerned to hear that the high ticket prices for his fight against Floyd Mayweather appear to be keeping Irish fans away.

There are still swathes of tickets on sale for the fight and Irish travel agents have reported a lack of bookings to travel to Las Vegas.

McGregor may have to fight Mayweather without his usual travelling Irish army.

4/08/17 Update: McGregor Loses Key Sparring Partner 

To make sure that his boxing game is up to scratch before facing Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor enlisted the help of hall of famer, Paulie Malignaggi. However, the former two-weight world champion has stormed out of the camp.

It appears that Malignaggi was unhappy that pictures were released of one of their sparring sessions that made it look as though he had been knocked down by McGregor.

Is this a case of somebody protecting their hurt pride or of misplaced bragging from the McGregor camp?

3/08/17 Update: Referee Forced to Stop McGregor in Sparring Session

During their head to head press conferences, one of the criticisms that Conor McGregor has levelled numerous times to Floyd Mayweather is that the American is only used to fighting in big, padded gloves.

McGregor is used to lighter gloves in the UFC and has doing all he can to fight with 8 oz gloves during the August 26 mega fight believing that it will boost his chances of a knockout.

Surprisingly, Mayweather has just agreed to go along with his opponent’s wishes saying, “I’ll be wearing 8 oz Grant gloves. Whatever advantage McGregor needs to feel more comfortable in the ring, I’m willing to accommodate.”

Could this give McGregor the edge he needs for the biggest shock in boxing history?

2/08/17 Update: Referee Forced to Stop McGregor in Sparring Session

It’s not just the skill of boxing that Conor McGregor needs a crash course in before fighting Floyd Mayweather.

The Irishman also needs to be taught the rules of the sport to ensure that he doesn’t get disqualified against his American opponent.

To that end he brought in veteran referee, Joe Cortez, for a sparring session with Paulie Malignaggi.

But Cortez ended up having to separate the two men as the sparring session turned personal and “they got a little rough”.

McGregor is clearly taking his preparations seriously but needs to save some of the aggression for Floyd.

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1/08/17 Update: UK Broadcaster Announced for Mayweather v McGregor

We’ve known for weeks that the Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor fight is set to break pay per view records. However, there’s one important thing that British fight fans didn’t know – what channel would be broadcasting the fight.

That question was answered today when it was announced that Sky Sports will show the fight via their Box Office.

Despite stories suggesting that Mayweather was pushing for a £100 price, Sky have announced that British fans will have to fork out £19.95 with Irish fans paying €24.95.

That’s in keeping with other big fights and should ensure a huge audience for the fight of the year.

30/07/17 Update: Hundreds of Tickets Still Available for Mayweather v McGregor

There isn’t a sports fan in the world who hasn’t spoken to their friends about whether or not Conor McGregor has a chance of beating Floyd Mayweather.

The super fight is on course to break pay per view records but it appears that the promoters are struggling to sell out the T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Tickets have been on sale for a week but hundreds of seats are still available.

Will this news prompt fight fans who originally thought they had no chance of watching sporting history to now purchase their seat?

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 08.19.27

29/07/17 Update: McGregor Raises Suggestions of Unique Boxing Tactics

It’s a foregone conclusion for most people. There is just no way that Conor McGregor can beat Floyd Mayweather, the greatest defensive boxer of all time under Queensbury Rules.

But what if he bends those rules ever so slightly?

Mayweather’s whole career, both as an amateur and a professional, has been against fighters with an intimate understanding of the boxing rules. McGregor has a different take on it.

He recently posted images of a sparring session which looked rather like an MMA fight. Is this an indication of how he will approach the fight on August 26?

Sparring today. It's another day for me.

A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on

26/07/17 Update: Conor McGregor’s Story Set for Big Screen Release

In 2013, Conor McGregor was broke and could only afford to feed himself thanks to unemployment benefit.

Four years later and he is on the verge of a fight with Floyd Mayweather than could net him $100 million.

It’s fair to say that McGregor’s story is an inspiring one and ahead of the mega fight he’s announced details of a new film called ‘Notorious’ which will give fans the inside track on how he became one of the world’s biggest sportsmen.

25/07/17 Update: Mike Tyson Makes His Mayweather v McGregor Prediction

Mike Tyson knows a thing or two about major shocks in the world of boxer.

The former heavyweight champion of the world was 37-0 going into his fight with Buster Douglas but ended up losing in one of the biggest shocks in all of sport.

However, Tyson doesn’t think the same fate awaits Floyd Mayweather. “McGregor is going to get killed boxing,” Tyson told Bar Stool Sports.

Will Tyson’s prediction of a Mayweather knockout come true?

24/07/17 Update: Mayweather v McGregor Tickets Go on Sale

As of 6pm BST on July 2017, the hottest tickets in sport go on sale.

Taking place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, the tickets start at £390 rising to £7,750 for a ringside seat.

When you factor in the cost of travel and accommodation in Vegas, going to the fight requires a significant outlay but you can be sure the 20,000 seats will be full on the night as we get to see whether Conor McGregor can pull off one the biggest shocks in sporting history.

23/07/17 Update: The Official Mayweather v McGregor Poster is Launched

Every day, fight fans get more excited about the upcoming fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.

We’ve already seen the two men travel around the world together for four press conferences and now the official poster for the boxing bout has been released.

There is something special about seeing the details of the fight laid out in one image. It lets you know now is the time to make your plans, order the pay per view and get your bets on!

22/07/17 Update: McGregor’s Chances Talked Up By Two-Weight Boxing World Champion

If you watch Sky Sports’ boxing coverage, you’ll know that Paulie Malignaggi is never short of a word or two.

The former two-weight boxing world champion is as well known for his motor mouth as his exploits in the ring but after sparring with Conor McGregor, he summed up the Irishman simply as, “no dummy”.

Malignaggi sparred for eight rounds with McGregor and emerged with a warning for Floyd Mayweather that the Irishman is a powerful, unpredictable boxer.

Will Floyd heed the warning or will he get caught out come fight night?

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Mayweather vs. McGregor Top Press Conference Moments

21/07/17 Update: Dana White Reveals Why McGregor Won’t ‘Go MMA’ Against Mayweather

Muscle memory is a huge part of top level sport and especially so in fight sports.

When Conor McGregor has been hit repeatedly by Floyd Mayweather and his stamina reserves are running low, he’ll have just his instincts to go on.

That’s led many people to believe that the UFC fighter will revert to his MMA training and strike Mayweather with a blow that’s illegal in boxing.

However, UFC president Dana White said that the penalties in the contract are so severe that any breach of the rules would “destroy Conor’s life” should he slip into old habits.

Looks like he’ll have to rely on his boxing to knock Floyd out.

20/07/17 Update: Bookies Report a Flood of Bets as McGregor’s Price Gets Slashed

The bookies wasted no time getting their markets up for the Mayweather v McGregor fight.

Initially, they were very confident about the outcome with their odds suggesting anything other than a Mayweather win would be a massive upset. But, things have started to change.

Whether it’s people respecting McGregor’s punch power, the fact that the Irishman seemed so confident at the recent press conferences or concerns that age is catching up with Mayweather, punters are falling over themselves to back the underdog.

If you fancy an upset, now could be the time to back McGregor before his odds shorten further.

19/07/17 Update: Was Conor McGregor Knocked Out in Sparring?

After their man was hurled with repeated insults from Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather fans were rejoicing when news was leaked by American boxer Jessie Vargas the UFC star was knocked out in a sparring session with Bradley Wheeler.

However, those claims were refuted by McGregor’s camp who said Vargas was actually talking about Brandon Rios, the former WBA lightweight champion who has never even met McGregor.

Fight fans are in the dark about the truth but the fact that the rumour seems so believable shows how many people doubt McGregor’s boxing abilities.

More Mayweather vs. McGregor Betting Offers

Two of the first online bookmakers to come out with enhanced odds are Betfair and Paddy Power, with the former offering 20/1 on Floyd Mayweather to win the fight with 40/1 available for a Conor McGregor victory. Paddy Power also offer 40/1 on McGregor to win the fight.

The best advice to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of these great offers is to stay updated here, where we’ll have comprehensive details of all the very best in exclusive Mayweather vs McGregor free bets for new customers as they become available in our list below.

Mayweather Vs. Mcgregor Betting w/ Paddy Power

There is already some significant movement in the market, with early money on Conor McGregor to produce an upset seeing his odds fall sharply and those looking to back the Irish UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) star might want to get their bets in before his odds drop even further still.

As things stand, the Mayweather vs McGregor betting odds still heavily favour the American, with Mayweather being best odds of 1/6 (1.17) to win the fight, whilst you can back McGregor at a general 5/1 (6.00), with the Irishman’s odds having already effectively halved since the fight was first confirmed.  For anyone who fancies a draw, that can be backed at 50/1 with both Betfair and Paddy Power.

Mayweather v McGregor Free Bets

You can use any bookmaker Welcome Bonus when opening a new account.  These offers are generally available to use on any market you so wish and could be especially useful should you want to take advantage of any early Mayweather v McGregor odds that you believe might shorten in the weeks ahead of the fight.

Some popular Mayweather v McGregor markets are:

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Latest Mayweather v McGregor Betting Predictions, Previews, and News

With so many question marks and unknown elements surrounding this fight, it makes sense to seek out the best advice and get the very latest updates as they become available from both camps to help in maximizing potential betting outcomes ahead of the fight. Stay updated with our comprehensive coverage to include tips on all the best Mayweather vs McGregor bets, Mayweather vs McGregor free bets, plus our dedicated blog and news items, we are your one-stop shop for everything surrounding Mayweather vs McGregor betting from now until the fight gets underway at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on 26th August.

Editor’s Corner on Mayweather-McGregor Fight

There’s already been plenty of trash talk between the two fighters since this bout first became a possibility and that’s only likely to increase over the coming weeks as interest in the fight reaches new levels of hype.

Can the Irish UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) star really create what would be one of the biggest shocks in sporting history by beating the man widely regarded as the world’s best pound-for-pound boxer and who comes into the fight boasting a flawless 49-0 boxing record?

At 28-years of age, McGregor is a dozen years younger than his esteemed opponent and that has to be a factor to his advantage.  Mayweather had also officially retired from boxing in 2015, so there are obvious question marks surrounding his ability to perform at his best at this stage in his career after a break.

However, will that be enough to counter the fact that McGregor is fighting Mayweather at the American’s own game and that McGregor has never previously boxed professionally?  Can he really succeed where 49 professional boxers have previously failed?

Mayweather v McGregor – Who Has Better Betting Odds

Mayweather v McGregor Updates

For those who had forgotten how unique and confident a fighter Conor McGregor is, he reminded the world with a chilling array of predictions and quotes at his media scrum the other day.

“People think I’m a day one novice or something. I’m a world champion, a multiple weight, multiple time world champion; in multiple organisations.”

“Of course we will come with a different look and approach than people are used to, we will paint many pictures inside the ring… it’s not going to end well for Floyd, and it’s not going to end well for all the people that are doubting me and are just so convinced that this just is what it is (an easy win for Floyd). I’m just looking forward to educating the world again on what true martial arts is.”

So after some controversy surrounding the McGregor camp in recent days, his talk to the media has made it very clear what state of mind Conor McGregor is in and that is very much a seek and destroy mission of the 40-year old Floyd Mayweather.

Latest Mayweather v McGregor Betting Tips:

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  • McGregor to win by KO/TKO/Disq at 11/2 with 188bet

Since our last update on the Floyd Mayweather Vs Conor McGregor boxing match at the T-Mobile Arena on the 26th of August, it has been more of the same on the Mayweather front. All is quiet.

The opening “All Access” promotional film was launched last week, but it was basically a colourful round-up of their recent world tour, so we are yet to see much from since TMT (The Money Team) camp.

Conor McGregor meanwhile has never been more active on social media, posting various images from his training and sparring sessions.

The majority of these show McGregor displaying unorthodox stances, styles etc, which lends itself to the train of thought that the Irishman will not be entertaining the usual toe-to-toe hit and move terms of engagement in a boxing ring.

He will be using his height and range to cut off the ring, to get away from Floyd Mayweather and if one image is to be taken at face value, he may even be fainting leg kicks and jumping around in the air a bit in order to disturb Mayweather.

Nobody’s quite sure what it is, but Team McGregor is forming an interesting game plan for this fight, which could bring the “Mayweather by Decision” bet back into focus.

Latest Betting Tip – Mayweather to win on Points at 11/5 with Betway

The so-called “Biggest Combat Sports Event in History” is now just a month away and both Floyd Mayweather Jr and Conor McGregor have retreated to the shadows of their training camps.

One thing is for sure though, one man’s silence is deafening, while the other – Conor McGregor – is sharing all sorts of great content from his training camp set up in Las Vegas all over social media.

More so than ever before, Conor McGregor is keen to show the world that he’s up to this task and is taking preparations seriously. Of course, everything the Irishman does is geared toward generating business and self promotion.

Mayweather on the other hand is unusually quiet on social media, as are his social media team. The 40-year old, 11-time World Champion boxer is known to have an obsessional work ethic when in training camp.

Behind closed doors of his TMT Gym in Las Vegas, the all time great is currently preparing his ageing body to complete a perfect 50-0 career record against a young global superstar in combat sports, but one that has never had a pro boxing bout. By all accounts it’s looking like yet another win for Mayweather.

Latest Mayweather v McGregor Betting Tip

bet365 is offering 1/1 (2.00) on Under 8.5 Rounds, which looks great betting value.

McGregor has had stamina issues in the past through trying too hard for the KO. When he gets tired, Mayweather can get to work and get this fight stopped well inside the distance.

The Floyd Mayweather Vs Conor McGregor press tour concluded last Friday evening at the Wembley Arena in London, the fourth and final show on a tour which brought the pair and the entourages from LA, to Canada, to Toronto and finally the UK.

Reports from various bookmaker representatives this week has suggested that between 80-90% of all bets placed have been on Conor McGregor to win this fight, which is extraordinary when you think about it. Conor McGregor is a phenomenal athlete and mixed martial artist, but the bottom line is, he is not a professional boxer and has never had a professional boxing fight.

Conor McGregor, the fighting pride of Dublin, Ireland now has the daunting task of defeating a 49-0 five weight world champion in Mayweather, a man who has beaten no less than 21 individual world champions.

McGregor is now a top price of just 5/1 (4/1 in places) to win this fight, which is amazing when you consider Manny Pacquiao was around 3/1 to beat Floyd Mayweather and he is one of the greats inside the ring too.

In some ways, it’s like a table tennis champion being 4/1 to beat Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final – who would take that bet? But the punters are queuing up to back McGregor to win, which just shows his promoting and trash talking prowess.

Latest Fight Tip: Under 2.5 Rounds looks good value at 7/1 with bet365, if you think the proven boxer will open up and get to work early!

Mayweather Promotions and Showtime began the press tour for the big fight last night on the 11th of July, with Conor McGregor in tow for the opening show at the sold out Staples Centre in Los Angeles.

It is clear that the Showtime press conference set up is very different to that of the UFC, which lends itself to the fighters engaging more in free-flowing conversation. It was a bit disappointing to see a lack of off-the-cuff trash talk, but equally amazing to witness Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and the ‘Notorious’ Conor McGregor square off and get in each others faces.

Overall, Floyd Mayweather Jr looked to get the better of this opening World Tour exchange, Conor was having fun with it, but was out of his usual comfort zone and the Showtime production lends itself to Mayweather having a bit more air time.

But there’s another three conferences in the next few days, the next being tonight in Toronto at 10.30pm UK time. We will undoubtedly see a changing of the guard as the week goes on, with the tour finishing in London on Friday evening from Wembley.

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