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In Play Betting Tips: Beginners Guide to Live Betting

In-play betting is a fairly new innovation in bookmaking but it has evolved rapidly and is now an integral part of most online sportsbook businesses.

 In play betting tips the scales in the favour of sportsbooks as they can see enhanced turnover and, for them, that means profit.

For punters, they can use our in play betting tips on live markets to cash-out all or part of their bets meaning guaranteed profits or cut losses.

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What is In-Play Betting?

Traditionally bookmakers offered betting markets on sporting events which were closed the moment an event started. However, in this modern era, you can now place bets during the contest itself.  That’s right! You can bet in play football, snooker, darts, cricket, tennis, golf and even horse racing.  You can bet on it right up until a winner is declared, so read our in play betting tips below to learn how to make the most of it.

Of course time is of the essence and prices can fluctuate wildly and quickly.  A horse which loses lengths at the start, a key football player being injured, a golfer who fires his ball into the gallery can and will see their prices drift dramatically.  Conversely a football team which scores in the opening minutes of a game will see their price nosedive.

But the winner of an event is not the only betting in running markets which are offered by sportsbooks, there are hundreds of them.  For the example in live football betting there are markets on correct scores, time of the next goal, total match goals, handicaps and a whole lot more giving you plenty of scope when selecting your in play betting tips.

In Play Betting Tips & Strategies

There are countless advantages to bet in play and no end of in play tips and strategies that can be employed to make a profit.

Our in play betting strategy includes some simple rules:

  • No Room for Sentiment  – It’s vital to not let your emotions rule your betting heart with live in play betting.  Do not continue to back your favourite player or team to win throughout an event simply in hope they prevail.
  • Bet to Trade – In play betting can be a real skill and one that can be consistently profitable if done well.  In the example of a football match where there are only three possible results and the draw can be backed at 5/2 pre-match, you will find that draw outcome will have shrunk considerably if there have been 30 minutes of goalless action. Consequently the other two scenarios can be backed at big enough prices to ensure a profit regardless the outcome.
  • Overreactions –   Online bookmakers prices are adjusted for them to take into account liabilities and a rush of money can and does lead to liabilities and an overreaction in price shift.  A snooker player who wins an opening frame of a match with a high break will contract in price dramatically by the start of the second frame.  Yes he has a lead and an advantage and yes he may be cueing well, but the price on offer may well be considerably below what his chances actually are.
  • Cross Market Opportunities – With so many live betting markets there are ample opportunities to ensure profits. If you have backed Arsenal to win 1-0 for example and the game is in the 82nd minute you need not place bets on the draw and rival side, you can utilise the market on ‘Will there be a second goal?’.  This method can provide greater profits than traditional ‘cash out’ options. Just one of many in play betting tips you can employ.

Facts to Consider Before In-Play Betting

Sportsbooks are very fair and their live in-play betting markets are suspended the very moment there is any major game effecting incident.  A penalty being awarded, a wicket falling, a goal being scored for example.

However, one of the most important of our in play betting tips is that punters need to consider that the ‘live’ images they are watching on their TV screens are invariably delayed by a few seconds. Therein when you bet live based on pictures you see it can be fraught with danger.

Like anything that is new to you, we suggest it is best to initially play small to find your way around in-play live sports betting.  The same obviously goes for first time betting exchange and spread betting customers.

Finally, with a bet or two placed pre-game and a few more during the match it is easy to lose count of your potential losses.  No matter how unlikely – a football team which is ahead by 3-1 up in the 85th minute can and often do fail to win come the final whistle – do consider what the catastrophic outcome will cost you if it were to happen.

And, that’s the glory of in play sports betting you can back (or insure) against it at any time. Always keep our in play betting tips in mind and only risk what you can afford to lose.