Eurovision Betting - Lisbon 2018 -

Eurovision Betting 2018

When it comes to song contents, nothing quite beats Eurovision. This world-famous competition is one of the more exciting tournaments screened on TV, with more than 43 countries competing for the coveted title. Hand in hand with those 43 singers is plenty of Eurovision betting odds to make your fortune, as well as a load of specials that keep you entertained.

Eurovision 2018 Free Betting Offers

The Eurovision bets are one of the standout features of the contest, first established all the way back in 1956. Held from May 8th to the 12th, the Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Lisbon after Portugal clinched the title in 2017. After 53 years in the competition and experiencing the contest’s longest winless run, they took that title back home with them.

Eurovision Betting Odds

The Eurovision betting odds have already started appearing in the run-up to the competition. When it comes to betting specials, there’s nothing quite like a bet on Eurovision. We’ve all seen the previous acts, so you can expect a whole load of bookies doubling up as Eurovision betting sites. They will take bets on anything and everything, including the competition’s ‘weirdest’ act. You’ve also got to remember to look for Eurovision free bets before you place any money – especially in the week before the tournament. The week before is when the Eurovision bets and Eurovision betting odds truly start to heat up.

You can already put Eurovision bets on the country to take home the title, with Israel way ahead of the others. Israel has three wins under their belts – 1978, 1979 and 1998 – and they’ve produced a track inspired by the #MeToo movement. To tap into the popularity, they even released the song during International Women’s Week, which saw Netta Barzilai’s odds slash from 50/1 to 7/4. Israel has close competition in the form of Estonia. The country is tipped as their primary rival, although they don’t have the best record when it comes to Eurovision. However, their entry, Elina Nechayeva, has solid odds of 7/1, and is well worth some of your Eurovision bets. The Czech Republic is sitting pretty in third, still climbing up those ranks. Mikolas Josef, their entry, is paving the way for the country after turning down the option to perform in 2017. His odds for Eurovision betting currently stand at 7/1.

The Eurovision betting odds for the top 10 countries are as follows:

At the time of writing this article, these were the current Eurovision betting odds. However, they are subject to change as we get closer to the world-famous contest.

Eurovision Winner Prediction 2018

If you’re having a bet on Eurovision (why wouldn’t you?), keep your eyes on Israel. When it comes to Eurovision bets and tips, we reckon they’ll smash the competition. Their entry has already experienced worldwide popularity on its release during International Women’s Week. Before the release, Israel was tipped at 50/1, but dropped to 12/1 and are now, sitting at 7/4. They could be on their way to taking home the title for a fourth time, particularly with their unique lyrics and a modern take on the Chicken Dance.

Eurovision Song Contest semifinal allocation draw at Lisbon's City Hall in -

How to Bet on Eurovision

For those that always watch the Eurovision Song Contest, you might as well have a cheeky punt. The sheer number of markets available for Eurovision betting is staggering, with a few more unique options for those that don’t normally bet. We’ve not even touched on the possibilities with Eurovision live betting, which you can do as the singers are performing. The first thing you need to do is register an account, and look for decent free bets. The likes of Paddy Power and Ladbrokes offer substantial welcome bonuses for punters, alongside the chance to bet on specials. Once you have your account, you can bet on Eurovision. The most popular Eurovision bets markets are, of course, ‘to win outright’. You’ll be placing money on the eventual winner of the contest, but you can also have a punt on the semi-finals taking place in the three days before the grand finale. Similarly, get involved with Eurovision live betting. You’ve got the option of betting while the contest is on, and loads of Eurovision betting sites often boast hefty returns for these offers.

Prior to putting on any bets – even with sports – we recommend looking at the odds and tips. There’s plenty of sites offering loads of info on the country, their past performances and current entries. You’d be mad not to take advantages of the Eurovision tips as we get closer, as these guides are what will help you make your money.

Eurovision Free Bets

You should always be on the lookout for Eurovision free bets. All bookies know the pull of a free bet, so you can expect them to be fighting for your attention come the contest. Eurovision free bets are, essentially, risk-free. They offer you bonus funds for making an initial deposit. Most Eurovision free bets don’t feature many wagering requirements and will give you cash in the way of free bets. You will have to follow the terms – generally involving placing Eurovision bets at certain odds to trigger the bonus – and you’ll get some free bets to tide you over in return. The most common free bets are those that involve signing up, and you want to be on the hunt for those as we get ever closer to the contest.

Eurovision Betting Specials

As you can imagine from a competition like Eurovision, there’s plenty to talk about. In the past, we’ve seen loads of entries that deserved a bet of their own. While you should still have a punt on the likes of ‘to win outright’ and more, we suggest looking for more specials. You can bet on the country to come away with ‘null points’. You want to be looking at the bottom of the Eurovision betting odds for these countries. Add to that; you can even place money on whether you think the UK will gain any points. Similarly, the number of points the favourite will earn is a popular Eurovision bet, as are the countries to reach the top five and 10.

Paddy Power is well regarded for their unique Eurovision betting opportunities and massive sense of humour for the tournament. Previously, the bookie has allowed bets on the most ridiculous performance, and there’s plenty of options to choose for that bet.

Eurovision Betting Updates

Cyprus and Norway the new Eurovision betting favourites

Punters are abandoning Israel and jumping on to the Cyprus and Norwegian bandwagons according to the latest Eurovision betting odds.  The Israeli act (25-year old Netta Barzilai) was as short as 6/4 just a few weeks ago but an amateurish performance in Tuesday’s opening semi-final has seen their performer drift out to 6/1.

Conversely the act from Cyprus impressed punters enough to see her now trading as a general 5/2 favourite. It has been a colossal gamble given she was 100/1 at the outset, 66/1 a fortnight ago and 20/1 at the start of the month.  As a bonus for her supporters Eurovision bosses have already allocated her a favourable slot in the second half of Saturday’s Grand Final.

Norway have not even qualified for the final yet, they actually perform first in Thursday’s second semi-final.  But that has not stopped punters piling their cash on the Scandinavian act. Over €1,200 has been matched on Betfair’s exchange at odds of 100 or greater and industry-wide only one bookmaker is currently going bigger than 4/1.