Are eSports Betting Opportunities Real?

eSports betting is enjoying massive growth. Every major bookmaker is now offering betting markets on eSports and dedicated eSports betting sites are seemingly popping up every week.

They all offer eSports betting opportunities on individual matches that are staged as part of the biggest tournaments and leagues in the world; many offer outright betting on competition outcomes too. As an added fillip plenty of online sportsbooks are sponsoring eSports teams and/or competitions.

eSports Betting Offers & Promotions

But is this scramble to offer betting opportunities on competitive computer gaming something of a false errand? One would hope people with far more inelegance than a casual enthusiastic punter looking in from the outside knows his acorns and these decision makers are right in throwing fortunes at this developing betting genre.

However, those with development money to spend have been proven wrong in the past, duped into believing a sharp upward curve on a graph displaying betting turnover will never level out. Given the eSports ‘graph’ started from zero just a few years ago, eSports betting turnover has had no option other than to grow exponentially.

Online poker did the same and when Ladbrokes became the first traditional bookmaker to add a poker site to its online sportsbook, there was a mad scramble to join them. Indeed, Ladbrokes were making well over £1 million a week for simply facilitating online poker there for a while.

Fast-forward 15 years and online sportsbooks such as BetVictor are now discontinuing online poker and Ladbrokes could soon follow. The reason for this demise was players voting by their feet and taking their business to a dedicated online poker site, PokerStars.

This was viewed as a ‘poker players’ site, and not a poker site run by a bookmaker. Indeed online poker players proved to be a cliquey resolute bunch and eSports bettors might just transpire to be the same.

Change Afoot

After a stagnant 30 years following the legislation of bookmaking in the UK, betting now evolves and changes at an incredible pace, bookmakers adapting of course.

Phone betting, spread betting, exchange betting, online betting, text betting, not to mention new bet types has another new innovation about to join it: Bitcoin and other ‘Crypto Currencies’.

In time betting via Bitcoin may well prove to be the preferred choice of eSports bettors. With the age demographic of eSports viewers being younger than the established betting population, it is safe to say this tech-savvy fan base may choose to blank traditional ‘major sportsbooks’ (who are not allowed to offer betting via Bitcoin) and take their business to a Bitcoin exclusive dedicated eSports betting site.

This will result in a few sites generating a lot of business and that will, in turn, give them more liquidity allowing them to take bigger bets.

In time just a few cryptocurrency exclusive eSports betting sites, all featuring their own social communities, will become the essential place to bet as an eSports fan. That’s what this casual enthusiastic punter looking in from the outside believes.