Esports Betting for Beginners

Pinnacle online sportsbook lays claim to have been the first to accept a bet on any eSports match way back in January 2010.

By October 2014 they announced they had taken a million eSports bets and, following rapid growth, an amazing milestone of five million processed eSports bets had been met by February 2017.

eSports Betting Offers & Promotions

The cat is well and truly out of the bag and currently all online bookmakers are scrambling to get themselves a slice of this eSports betting pie.

That’s good news if you are an eSports betting fan, great news if you like to chase the best odds from a busy marketplace and fantastic news if you have good judgement.

eSports Betting Mistakes

Such is the urgency to get involved with offering betting markets on eSports matches and competitions it would appear online bookmakers are making numerous mistakes in pricing-up the markets.

It’s unclear if this is a result of their odds compilers simply following the prices of rival sportsbooks, or that their dedicated eSports odds compilers being a little less savvy than they have been given credit for.

Whatever the reason there can be no disputing very few online sportsbooks have their eSports divisions working anything like as effectively as their football, horse racing and tennis arms.

This is great news for us punters but to successfully exploit the types of pricing errors which see a true even-money shot trading at 6/4, here’s a few eSports betting tips to help you along the way.

  • Concentrate in just one or two eSports games, do not try to be an eSports betting expert in several fields.
  • Have a dedicated Twitter account following all the eSports teams within your expert field.
  • Team news is everything. Use the news on Twitter (and the team websites) to check for roster (team) changes. This team news is vital to the correct pre-match prices / probability.
  • Always take the very best odds regardless of what firm is offering it. The difference of backing winners at 4/5 instead of 4/6 throughout the course of a year is colossal.

This all may seem quite fantastical but it was not that long ago members of one eSports team found themselves held up at US Immigration.

And when only a few of a once invincible squad was finally allowed access to the country their organisation was forced to field a squad which had virtually no chance.

Nevertheless, many online sportsbooks were unaware of these red tape issues – Twitter followers were – and continued to lay eSports bets on their rivals at 7/2 (4.50) in a match which their true probability of winning had become close to 95%!