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Enhanced Odds - Enhance Your Winnings

Enhanced odds are relatively simple. Essentially, the bookmaker chooses to give players the opportunity to get an odds boost on a particular selection. Enhanced odds are short-term offers and vastly increase the odds for your bet. These odds can often be enhanced to such a level as 100/1 – providing you with plenty of chance to get more bang for your buck. Today, these are some of the most popular deals for punters, and we’re seeing more bookmakers offer the deals.

Top Enhanced Odds Offers

How to Claim Enhanced Odds

Enhanced odds are extremely easy to claim. Enhanced offers are, generally, highlighted on the bookmaker’s home page. The huge prices are a massive draw for punters, and you can find them on the likes of Premier League betting and more. If you do see enhanced offers and you want to have a punt, you only need to select the market and deposit your stake. This will then go onto your betslip where you can confirm the bet.

One thing you have to consider with enhanced odds is that they are only available for a short amount of time. Typically, in a couple of hours the offer will be gone. Due to the very nature of the deals, the offers are updated regularly. In most cases, they are updated daily for customers. As they are short-term, they are, generally, only available in the hours up to the event, so you must claim them fast. The fast turnover keeps things fresh and gives you more chance to earn some cash.

Once the bet has been settled, it will be deposited into your account immediately. However, some bookers may deposit the extra book winnings (excluding the standard price) as a free bet. If you are looking to earn big money on certain events, enhanced odds will help you on the way.

What Kinds of Enhanced Odds are Out There?

There are various enhanced odds out there for punters and they, generally, are on the most popular events for customers. For instance, if there’s a big Premier League game – you can bet (literally) there’ll be decent odds available. The most popular options, however, are football and horse racing.

Football Enhanced Odds

One of the most common enhanced odds is for football – especially the Premier League. Football betting is one of the biggest attractions for most bookmakers, and there’s no wonder millions regularly opt for these odds. It’s a solid way to make money, particularly if the odds for your team to win are relatively low. Enhanced odds will boost that price for the team and give you a chance to make more returns.

There are many examples of football enhanced odds, and plenty of bookmakers offering the like. For instance, Betsafe is one such example. The site promises enhanced odds on every single Premier League game, alongside other exclusive promotions for the games. Other bookmakers that regularly opt-in for enhanced odds are Coral, Sky Bet, Paddy Power, Ladbrokes and more. Coral, for example, is offering huge enhanced odds of 28/1 for Chelsea to beat Arsenal for all new customers.

Speaking of, the new customer enhanced odds are one of the most common deals for bookies. These deals are designed to get the players on board and becoming a regular player. Generally, speaking, you can expect a price boost of around 20%. However, it’s possible you can get more with the new customer offers, along with the likes of free bets to get you playing.

Horse Racing Enhanced Odds

Horse racing is another sport that massively benefits from the significant amount of enhanced odds. Most bookmakers update their horse racing offers throughout the week and, often, daily, so there’s plenty to choose.

The main competitions for horse racing are the primary targets. The Grand National is a key date in the bookies calendar, and you can reap plenty of rewards from the bookmakers. For those horses with the lowest odds, you can expect them to increase from the likes of 2/1 to 3/1 or 7/2 to 5/1 and so on. These boosts may be modest, but if you opt for enhanced odds across a range of bookies – you might just be sitting on a small fortune.

There are plenty of bookmakers offering enhanced odd for horse racing. William Hill, for example, is a regular on the scene. Likewise, Betsafe and BetVictor promise good deals for customers. If you are a new player to the bookmaker, keep a look out for enhanced odds as part of the welcome bonus. Typically, these enhanced odds are much higher than they would be for existing customers, so it’s worth signing up for an account to receive those rewards.

What’s the Best Way to Find Enhanced Odds?

The best way to find enhanced odds is to do your research. We always share the greatest deals from bookmakers, so you can start here. Researching the particular bookmakers will help you get a feel for their site and, most importantly, their promotions. If they don’t have much in the way of rewards for existing customers, it’s likely they won’t with enhanced odds.

Check out the enhanced odds previously offered by bookmakers. This way, you can likely expect the same – if not more – when it comes to huge events and games. If they have a reputation for their enhanced odds, we suggest registering for an account and enjoying those benefits. However, they are, generally, only available for a few hours, so you need to be actively searching for these offers in the run-up to big games and tournaments.

When are Enhanced Odds Usually Available?

Enhanced odds are, generally, available on the day of the event. For instance, a horse racing event will, likely, have the odds available a couple of hours before the start of the run – you will need to be on the ball when it comes to these promotions. This is the same for most sports, including football and the like. The enhanced odds will also be updated once the game has finished, so it’s best to get in early for the highest boosts.

You may be able to get boosts earlier than a couple of hours, possibly even a few days beforehand. It’s likely, however, that these boosts will be relatively small and not the same as those within a couple of hours. Your best bet is to get them when they are hot.

Enhanced Odds T&Cs

Generally, there are few terms and conditions to worry about with enhanced odds. Basically, they are just another bet, so there are some but everyone should understand what is included. Firstly, enhanced odds might require you to sign up for an account. You will, likely, have to place your bet at certain odds or higher, and various types of bets may be excluded. Similarly, there are, often, minimum deposits and more to consider, and a specific amount of time to fulfil the conditions.

Bookmakers may also state that cash out is a feature not available on enhanced odds. Likewise, the offer may only be available for players in specific countries, so it’s always worth to check. One thing you might notice is that the boost winnings may come in the form of free bets to your account. Others may deposit it as cash, but others bet tokens.