Football fans rally behind England legend Paul Gascoigne after latest alcohol related incident [Best Tweets]

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Football fans across the world have taken to social media in a show of solidarity with England legend Paul Gascoigne, following his latest alcohol fuelled incident.

A report from The Sun, reveals that the ex-England international recently exposed himself to passers-by in the middle of the street by accident, whilst on a mission to find alcohol near his flat in Dorset.


The footballing icon was snapped heading to buy booze in only a dressing gown, and as ‘Gazza’ got out of his cab, his gown accidently fell, exposing his naked body to the public for a brief moment of time.

This unsavoury incident follows a story from last week where ‘Gazza’ was helped into an ambulance in bare feet with a cut head, following another drunk fuelled evening.

Gazza has been in and out of rehab during his decade-long battle against alcoholism.

Despite pledging to kick booze, the former Newcastle and Spurs star has fallen off the wagon on several occasions.

Following the events of the last seven days there are now fresh fears for the health of Paul Gascoigne from worried supporters.

In light of this recent story, football fans have taken to Twitter to rally behind their former hero.

There seems to be a lot of blame laid at the feet of The Sun, for covering such a story.

Check out some of the Tweets below.

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The Sun newspaper sinks lower every day leave Paul Gascoigne alone & give him a bit of dignity he clearly is an unwell man

— Johnny Hunt (@Huntyroyal) July 12, 2016

The Sun are intent on demonising and harassing Paul Gascoigne until something tragic happens. They're an absolute disgrace

— Harry Sherlock (@Harry_Sherlock) July 12, 2016

Images of Gascoigne so sad to see. England hero who needs serious help, not negative publicity in the papers

— Josh Challies (@Challies11) July 12, 2016

God save this man, Gascoigne

— Eric  Ankrah (@ankrahbi) July 12, 2016

In support of arguably England's greatest ever footballer I'll be wearing my Italia '90 Gascoigne top for the day. #FootballersLivesMatter

— Benny Lee Hardie (@BenLeeHardie) July 12, 2016

@GaryLineker  How can we help him?
He was my idol when young,this only ends 1 way.Can we (the public) do anything?

— jd (@jd_notsports) July 12, 2016

Retweet these pictures of Gazza rather than the ones in @TheSun

This country's behind you Mr Gascoigne.

— Callum (@Panayisalad) July 11, 2016

Only 1 paul gascoigne

— gordonfraser (@gordonfraser15) July 11, 2016

Sad to see the gutter press dragging Paul Gascoigne down to their level again.. The guy needs love and help, not this treatment #Gazza

— Jamie H (@jamiefrombrum) July 12, 2016
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